Looking for a fireplace in Montreal?

We are Montreal’s fireplace specialists. Our mission is to bring you the best brands from local or international designers, so you can get the highest comfort and aesthetics standards. Whether they are placed in your backyard or in your home, electric fireplaces, wood fireplaces and gas fireplaces each have their advantages. Our experts will help you make the best choice according to your taste and budget.

Types of fireplaces

Wood fireplaces have radically evolved in recent years. Their high efficiency adds to their appeal. They are appreciated for the aroma and warmth they emit. The sweet sound of the crackling wood is often what makes people go for it. Available in all styles and for all budgets, wood fireplaces seduce all romantics.

Foyer à bois (wood fireplace)

FP11 Frontenac – Valcourt

For those wishing to spend less time on the maintenance of their fireplace, the gas fireplace is as a great solution that combines the best of both worlds. In Montreal, gas fireplaces are gaining popularity because they adapt to all homes. The heat they generate is distributed uniformly in the room. They are valued for their ecological, practical and economic characteristics. They can also enhance the look of your outdoor garden.

Foyer à gaz (gas fireplace)

Slayton – Kozy Heat

In Montreal, electric fireplaces are also popular for their ease of use. Their installation is quite easy, it’s a bit like putting a frame on a wall. People choose them because the intensity of the heat they emit can be adjusted easily. Several models are available, such as the multimedia electric fireplace or a fireplace with a mantle for those who prefer a more classic style. No residue is emitted by this type of fireplace and it can be used year-round. Its beauty and the wide variety of choices will convince you to adopt it.

Foyer électrique multimédia (multimedia electric fireplace)

Marana – Dimplex

Our Montreal company offers turnkey projects for the installation and the periodic maintenance of your fireplace. Our staff is made of professionals who work neatly and ensure that your new fireplace fits perfectly with your decor. For an aesthetic source of reliable heating, contact the Noréa Foyers experts or come visit our showroom in Vaudreuil-Dorion.