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There is more than one reason to use a fireplace these days; whilst some people have a fireplace installed to heat an isolated room (such as the bedroom or bathroom), others find they have more use for one in the living room. A fireplace installed in a common room can serve a double purpose, such as providing an additional cooking facility in the form of a grill, for example. No matter what the case, the type of fireplace to choose and what it will be used for need to be considered in advance and requirements assessed. The following tips will surely shed more light on the subject.

The latest trends in energy use

Amongst Montreal area residents there is a clear trend towards the use of propane or natural gas fireplaces. As they continue to gain in popularity, the use of a wood burning fireplace in an urban setting is becoming less appealing. An electric fireplace can even be ignited with just the flick of a switch yet will generate the same heat as a wood burning one. A wood burning fireplace’s fuel storage has to be organized and requires regular maintenance.

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Properly installing a gas fireplace

The purchase of a gas fireplace has its part to play in the context of ever increasing demand for natural energy. Concerns about the environment are integral to our daily routines and needs, and this includes heating requirements. Purchasing a gas fireplace is a way of addressing these concerns over the long-term. Furthermore, the various models available are both wonderful in appearance and refined in design. Noréa Foyers provides gas fireplace expertize in the Montreal area and can advise you whether or not you have all the requirements in place for an optimal installation. To benefit from natural gas, the availability of a direct and active supply from the adjacent street to the property needs to be confirmed. However, where no supply is present it is still possible to make use of natural gas by storing a supply in an approved location.

For an optimal installation, place your trust in Noréa Foyers. The experience of an industry professional will be of immense benefit when installing your gas fireplace. Don’t wait a minute longer! Contact us for an assessment, quotation or advice today.