Air Conditioner, synonymous with freshness

Treat yourself with an air conditioner from Noréa Foyers. Not only do these units have an interesting quality-to-price ratio, it is also known for its energy efficiency. The wall mounted air conditioner is used only for cooling your rooms’ temperature during hot seasons. The hunt for comfort, especially during a heat wave, is the main reason to opt for a wall mounted air conditioner in Montreal.

Wall mounted air conditioner | Noréa Foyers Montreal


Why choose a wall mounted air conditioner?

Quieter and more efficient than window mounted or wheeled air conditioners, wall mounted air conditioners are an affordable alternative to expensive central air conditioning systems. There are two types of air conditioning units available. The first has an indoor module and an outdoor module, both being connected by electric cables and piping. The second is multi-zone wall devices that have a large capacity, equipped with several internal modules.

When having your wall mounted air conditioner installed, it is recommended to call upon certified professionals from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec. Our trained technicians ensure the unit is properly installed and calibrated according to various factors such as room layout and positioning of your home. The wall mounted air conditioner is effective because it is installed in proximity to the ceiling, where warmer and more humid air tends to linger. When located in the center of the largest room of your condo, your home or your apartment, it provides a well-balanced and comfortable air flow.

If you are in the Montreal area, Noréa Foyers’ expertise can guide you to select the appropriate air conditioner simply by answering a few of their questions.
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