Why choose a heat pump?

While increasing the quality of your indoor environment, heat pumps have a interesting price-to-quality ratio as well as being known for its energy efficiency. Noréa Foyers offers this type of system throughout the greater Montreal region.

The heat pump, a winning combination!

A heat pump performs the same way as a wall mounted air conditioner, except it also allows you to heat during colder seasons. These heating and air conditioning systems will ensure your comfort all year long. There are two types of heat pumps. The first is a simple wall unit equipped with an indoor module and an outdoor module, both being connected by electric cables and piping. The second is comprised of multi-zone wall units that have a larger capacity ans comes with several internal modules.

Wall heat pumps are gaining in popularity because they combine air conditioning and heating. They balance the temperature of each room in your home. Consumers who once used an oil or electrical heating system opt for a ductless heat pump as it offers many advantages, in terms of cost and energy efficiency.

Wall mounted heat pump | Noréa Foyers Montreal


In Montreal, wall heat pumps follow the curve of energy saving as well as all new appliances available for the comfort of your home. Many now realizes that by buying a wall heat pump, they can cool their home while having a heating system that perfectly complements their existing heating system.

Do not hesitate to communicate with professionals who, in just a few hours, will complete your heat pump‘s installation so you can enjoy a comfortable and pleasant temperature in your home. If you require any additional information, contact the experts at Noréa Foyers or come visit our showroom in Vaudreuil-Dorion.